Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be Italian

What does it mean ''to be Italian''? to me, it means a life full of joy. Italians have style, they are friendly, warm and open. They live for the moment.

When I was 9 years old my parents took me to Italy for the first time. I found a style of life there, I have never seen before. They were so fashionable. There I realized, that I'll do everything to live life like this. 

Since that time many years have gone by, and Italy is even closer to my heart. Every year I visited different part of Italy. I saw many beautiful and different traditions, I saw breathtaking monuments and nature. I tasted many different dishes, and I drank lot of excellent Wine. I saw many beautiful stylish clothed women and men too. 

In fashion, Italians proved to all world, that they play an important part in the world´s fashion industry. For example the revolution of Versace, classic Max Mara and Giorgio Armani. Thanks to Italians, we have Fendi - queen of furs, Guicci, Salvatore Ferragamo shoemaker for many big movie stars since 1920's, Missoni, Dolce and Gabbana, Guiseppe Zanotti - another important shoemaker, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Trussardi - famous for glove making and many many more. From now on, I would like to devote? (once a week) to italian fashion, history, shops in Rome, Milan and many more tips for tourists. 

Be an Italian for a while :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

In our country we have got crazy traditions for Easter. In every part of Czech republic, there is a different tradition. In the morning boys come to the houses of girls and whip them with their special twig. For breakfast we eat ''easter ram'', which is a kind of baked goods. Every family has its specific tradition. Thursday before Easter, there is a special green beer because this Thursday is called the Green Thursday.

I spent Sunday in Prague. My brother is a rugby player of the Czech national team. The National team was in Madrid for the European U18 Championships.  Sunday was the day of his return. So me and my family went to Prague to have a lunch, see the city center with easter markets and finally take my brother home. For lunch we visited one stylish restaurant called Zdenek's Oyster bar (link bellow :))
Have you spent your Easter well? What tradition do you have in your country?
Enjoy your Easter