Sunday, October 21, 2012



Every woman needs a perfect bag. It is always a hard decision to choose the right one. In these days I dream of a new bag, where I could put all my things like wallet, perfume, cosmetic bag, sunglasses, tissues, diary and so on.
     I decided to choose between these bags on the picture.

     Jimmy Choo ''Rania ''grey lether shoulder bag - love the colour
     Miu Miu Madras textured- leather tote
     Burberry Orchard in Check Jacquard - must have!!! love it!
     Fendi Large Calf Hair 2jours tote - very chic
     Bottega Veneta Large Hobo in maroon - so classic

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I'd like to show you some of the presents I got from my friends. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Guiseppe Zanotti

     For many years has Guiseppe Zanotti been a source for my inspiration. He always surprises me with his new collection, which is daring and resourceful. His shoes are popularized by celebrities in all over the world. The lucky one, who has his heels or flats, gives us the truth admits that in these shoes they are compelling
     I'd like to show you some of his work some pieces of his work. Because I don't have any photos of his shoes done by myself, I'll use pictures from the internet. In the end, I'll put here web sites which I used for this purpose. 
     He comes from a small town a few km from Fellini’s Rimini, famous for its great shoe manufacturing tradition. In the early 1980’s Zanotti was a fiery DJ and patronized eclectic and fashionable nightspots. Shortly afterwards his instinctive bent for art, design and fashion led him to attentively follow the prêt-à-porter fashion shows in Milan and Paris. The first collection was presented in New York, where buyers immediately welcomed it to then place their trust in this novice designer and in his jewel shoes. Success and popularity then quickly followed, to be reflected in the company’s growth. If you are interested in his work and history take a look at his web sitehere.