Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prague again

   Last week I spent amazing time in my favorite city - Prague. To me, Prague looks the most beautiful in summer. A lot of tourists are everywhere through all the year, so don't think that summer is the worst season for a visit.

     In every tourist guide you have some recommended monuments. I don't want to recommend any of our fabulous monuments. I want to recommend good restaurants, bars and café. In my opinion, we have many good restaurants, but not only czech.

    When you are in Prague, don't forget to visit one street. It is called Pařížská (Paris street). On this street you can find boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Fendi, Hermes and many other. I love the atmosphere of this street, especially in summer. Don't miss it.

 James Dean is a retro restaurant stylized to the 1950's. They have excellent hamburgers and drinks. It is close to center.Here is the web site.

 Stylish and luxury bar? Don't forget to go to Bugsy's bar. here
My favorite place to have a breakfast is the french café Paul on Příkop street.
I love french patisseries and brasserie, therefore I often visit Brasserie La Gare. They have excellent homemade cakes, pralines and macarons. Here

And finally, Pařížská street.



  1. Nádnerné fotky Kari! Jsem nadšená :)

  2. That food looks amazing! :)